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Love To The Point of No Return Chapter 2 [Aug. 29th, 2008|04:26 pm]
Phantom Phan Phiction


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Haha! Chapter 2!! The opera mentioned, Il Turco in Italia, is an actual opera by the great Rossini. I believe it translates to The Turk in Italy, which I'm very sure anyone could have figured out.
Title: Love To The Point of No Return
Chapter: 2
Rating: G
Summary: Years after the tragic chandelier incident, the new owners of the Opera Populaire hire a detective, believing that there is someone purposely scaring the employees of the Opera. Someone who has no doubt heard of the legend of the Phantom, and is trying to restart the legend. Because after all these years, the Phantom can't still be alive, can he?
Little do they know, the Phantom is waiting in the wings to redeem himself, and he'll go out bigger than anyone before him, he will have his revenge. He will prove to them that he is, The Phantom of the Opera.

-"I am no singer."-