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YouTube Video - Please Read [Mar. 1st, 2008|02:50 am]
Phantom Phan Phiction


If the mods feel that this is too off-topic, then please delete it. But if you would like to post this else where, feel free. Or you can link to my journal.


Friday night I was surfing YouTube when I found a video that had an icon I recognized in it. I knew the woman who made, so I asked her if it was her video. When she said no it wasn't we both left a comment asking if the video maker would please credit the people who work she was using.

This was the response that she put on all 14 of her videos:

“I have posted a video on here about someone else about the same time I posted this one, and yesterday I got 4 comments from people yelling at me for using their images that they posted for public use on websites that I cedited. So now I have to give each and every one of them credit. Now if anyone sees their images on here that they put online for public use but want to be credited for it because their acting like babies, please give me your name and I will give you credit. And if you want to yell at someone, you need to yell at the website that published them. Thank you and have a nice day.”

I felt this was a very immature response, all we icons makers ask for is our name to be posted somewhere.

If you, or your friends, make icons/fanart for any of these fandoms, you might want to look visit http://www.youtube.com/user/sellenj1990

Tin Man - Cain

Harry Potter – Harry, Draco, Tom Fenton

Gone with the Wind


Justin Timberlake

Neal McDonogh

Alex O'Loughin

Gerard Butler

Rascal Flatts

Johnny Depp

Daniel Radcliffe